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Dollar Lottery
Limited (100 of 100 remaining)
per creation
Price: 1$

Chance to Win: 1%

Payout: 50$

Ten Dollar Lottery
Limited (50 of 50 remaining)
per creation
Price: 10$

Chance to Win: 2%

Payout: 200$

Fifty Dollar Lottery
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
per creation
Price: 50$

Chance to Win: 10%

Payout: 250$




per creation

About Mr. Bigfish

Guaranteed Lottery is an alternative to traditional lotteries which have next to impossible odds.

Paying for a tier enters you for a chance to multiply your money at the end of each month!

Unlike most lotteries, one entry per tier is guaranteed to win!

The entire patron quota must be filled before a winner is chosen. Each creation will announce a winner on the first of each month provided the quota is filled.

Though the chances may seem low, remember, somebody WILL win!
0 of 160 patrons
Upon filling all tier quotas, I will introduce a bonus cash prize to be given each month to a random patron.
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