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Hello ♥️ My name is Delaney Shultz. I'm 22, a mother to a beautiful 3 year old boy, and I'm an aspiring professional anime artist. I do nationwide commissions, so far I've sold to New Hampshire, Tennessee, Illinois, Colorado, and within the state I reside in of course, Ohio. I was born and raised in Mississippi and my family and I moved to Ohio when I was 7. I am self-taught, my talent has been with me since I could write my name. I've won 3 OSU (Ohio State University) awards in Japanese Anime when I was in 8th, 9th and 10th grade. I won best line drawing at my local library where I donated a drawing to be displayed in the youth anime room. I won a blue ribbon at the fair featuring a poster size of an Alice In Wonderland drawing. While in Teacher Academy we participated in education related competitions for FEA (Future Educators of America) where I entered 2 children's books 2 years in a row. My first year I placed 6th out of 10 and i didn't place for my second year although it was widely loved at the competition. When I was 15 I sold 33 drawings ranging from $1-$5 out of my mom's front yard. My first customer was a teacher from Kenyon College. 

I have a lot of inspirations when it comes to my drawings. One of them when I was 14 was a band called Shinedown. Their songs inspired a lot of my drawings because it was a dark point in my life. I got to meet them in 2010 and they signed my portfolio of my drawings. I also reconstructed a book and gave it to them. Sailor Moon, Xiaolin Showdown, Power Puff Girls, Pokemon, Naruto, Teen Titans and many more shows inspired my art when I was younger. A lot of musicians inspire my art today. Lady Gaga, Tinashe, Halsey, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lorde to name a few. Yelawolf and his movement known as Slumerican inspire a line I created called "Slumbunnies" which are sexy pin up girls inspired by a song of Yelawolf. I've sold 4 out of state so far and I'm continuing to do so. 

I hope you support my art and follow my journey with me 🎨🖼✍👩🎨
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