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Lee and Dan will think warm thoughts about you and mention you by name on the podcast, probably with a compliment.
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Lee and Dan will think very warm thoughts about you and mention by name definitely with a compliment on the podcast and on Facebook and maybe on Twitter (is that something you'd want?  I mean we'd do it if you cared...).  We'll also list you on the Classy Dudes and Dudettes page with a link to anywhere (except spam or malware or Justin Bieber fan sites*).

*Not true, we'll link to a Bieber fanpage for you!




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About Lee and Dan

We produce a fortnightly podcast where we ask important questions such as What's that all about then?

We love doing it no matter what but if you enjoy what we do and want to throw a couple of bucks our way to help keep the lights on we'll certainly appreciate it!

We know this is all pretty lame but we'll promise to work harder on our pitch ;)
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So if we crack the $28 a month mark then we'll be able to pay for our subscriptions which would be a really nice benefit to doing the podcast!
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