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We are hoping to create a literary/art journal, called “Folk,” which publishes the work of individuals who wouldn’t otherwise have access to publishing. For several years, my husband and housing rights activist, Marcus Hyde, and I have been working closely with and alongside individuals experiencing homelessness to bring about a greater awareness of the experiences of house-less individuals. In 2012, in reaction to Denver’s “Urban Camping Ban,” Marcus helped found Denver Homeless Outloud, an organization which works with and for people experiencing homelessness. I have been able to contribute to the work of DHOL as a contributor and editor of their magazine, Out Loud, and by helping with events such as the “Struggle for Space” event, held in 2015, by organizing homeless or formerly homeless artists and creating an exhibit around the “Struggle for Space” theme. That event was one step towards what eventually would be the realization of the first tiny home village in Denver. Working with artists in this way brings me joy, and I am hoping to share the work of individuals who too often go unnoticed with others—to share that joy. This journal will not only elevate the work of homeless individuals, but also of individuals who’ve not had what we call “traditional” education or societal encouragement. With this journal, I’m hoping we might be challenged with regards to what we qualify as “art,” what we, as a literary and art community, deem valuable.

As a writer and painter, I believe in the importance of story telling, no matter what medium through which a story might be shared. I believe in the transformative power of art. When we read a story or view a work of art which, in some way, affirms our own experience, that art is helping us to live, to survive. And when we are able to share our stories--when something we've made is seen or heard--that also helps us to survive. At least, that is my experience.

Of course, I believe this journal should be free. And I believe it should be in print—it’s important that this thing we’re creating is physical, can be passed around in homeless shelters, colleges, and other gathering spaces. Many artists such as Michelle Buttloop who is featured on my website,, do not have regular access to computers. It should be aesthetically beautiful and made to last.

If you donate $10 or more, you would receive a copy of the journal. If you donate $5 or more you would receive a print of a work of your choice. For our first issue, we’d be hoping to print 100 copies, and increase this number over time. Alongside the organizing work we do with people experiencing poverty in our community, I am hoping to create free creative writing workshops. With a small donation, I believe you can help create this powerful thing with us—a little thing which will hopefully be a big thing!

A bit more about me: My name is Kris Brunelli, and I’m currently an MFA candidate at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for fiction writing, and I am also a painter. In 2012, I moved from New York City to Denver to be a live-in volunteer at the Denver Catholic Worker. My visual work—photography and painting—has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Passporte, and On Being, and I’ve participated in exhibits in Denver and New York City. My writing has appeared in the Catholic Worker, Guernica, and On Being.

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