Nana Chychkalo

is creating stories, interactive movies, 3D graphics

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Posts are published weekly. Respectively on Saturdays. Feel free to discuss the content with me - this page is NEW (we started publishing here a month ago). Welcome!

- Nana, why did you come to Patreon?
- My team of creators called Capella (containing script-writers, actors and videomakers) want to produce short-movies based on our own stories in future. That is why everyone of us collects money for the filming process provision. As soon as we collect enough for at least the first movie - it is immidiately published in a free access at all social pages of our team, I promise to every indifferent follower of my artworks.

Info about Nana:
Hi ^_^
I do some arts, pics, photos and stories, while studing physics at uni. The last kinda influences the results of my art-work in a good way (I hope, lol). For example I try to combine sci-fi with the imagination. I would be incredibly happy if you support me at my art begginings and give me some courage for the improvement.

A little bit from CV (to make you sure I take arts serious). A couple of years ago (appr. 2017-2018) my short-stories were published at 'Ukrainian Priority' publishing house - in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine (such as 'Fiasco' and 'Ink Memories' - if you'd like to read these novels, just let me know:). During the first 9 months of 2019 year I was working at a freelance movie-writing team, where we made some scripts for short-movies. Unfortunately we had to finish working together, so this is the reason why now I come back to the solo-creating and require a sort of personal support via the net.

I am from a small ukrainian town called Uman. Keen on painting and creating stories since I were 3 years old. My parents are ordinary teachers. When I were a child noone from local environment understood my love to the art activities. But you is not you without any drama ;) Firstly I graduated from the local uni. There I obtained a bachelor in a field of the world literature. While studing there I went to Porto (Portugal) for a semester as an exchange student to study arts of Shakespear and James Joyce (I strongly recommend their works to you, dear - they changed my vision completely). At that time I finally got the first acceptance letter in my life from a publisher, where he said that my novels were worth publishing. I was as happy as a little kid. After that parents and friends finally accepted my interests, started accounting my creativity and as well helping me with video-making - a new hobby etc.

And then I decided to become a scientist - a theoretician\physicist. It doesn't mean art is to be skipped. I fought a lot during my life to make arts VALUABLE for my surroundings, for my folks, for the whole world thinking arts worth nothing (I'm sure you are familiar with this cultural point), thus I have to keep creating arts for you, filling them up with memorable values.  

Thank you for reading this all,
I'll be happy to chat with you and see your feedback. 

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