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Hey my name is Tyler and I am the creator of the "That Snapchat Yellow C6" youtube channel! I love corvettes and all cars in general! Having this youtube channel gives me the ability to share content for others to enjoy and spread the love for cars! I have set up this patreon account to try and help create better content for the channel! As most of you know building cars is not cheap so this may help speed the process of builds on the channel for the future! Thanks for your time and your support for the channel I hope each of you have a great day! 
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Everything counts
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The 1 dollar donation amount means just as much to me as any other donation amount!
2 dollar monthly donation
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Even a 2 dollar monthly donation can go a long ways! 
the 5 dolla make ya holla package
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For each 5 dollar donation made t-butter (trevor) will do a sasquatch call out of the corvette
the quarter of a tank donation
per month
for each time someone donates $10, it will go towards running costs in the corvette! (will be floored at least 2 times during that quarter of a tank to empty period)
donate 20 get a mystery item signed by me and t-butter( trevor)
per month
Each time a $20 donation is made, the patron will receive a mystery item signed by me and t-butter (trevor). We will ship this item to your address! 
burnout fund!
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for each $50 dollar donation we will do a burnout... in a car, could be the corvette, could be the focus, could be the kia.... who knows! 
the baller package
per month
for each $100 dollar donation me and t-butter (trevor) will send you a singed picture and a signed mystery item
$0 of $1 per month
Just kicking this patreon account off! would be awesome to see some support from 1 fan in a months time! even if it may be 1 dollar! 
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