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About Sparkle Smile and Shine Nails

Hi there and thanks for coming over to the patreon page for Sparkle Smile and Shine Nails.  If you have made it this far I take it you are like minded and fanatical about nail art.

My aim is to deliver new content as often as possible for free on YouTube and other social media platforms.

 As with all things free and especially on YouTube, unless you have a crazy amount of subscribers the time has little financial rewards.

If you would like to kindly donate however much you can, all moneys donated would be going back in to the channel to deliver the best possible content we can provide. This may be help towards the cost of higher fidelity video quality cameras and studio lighting or higher grade microphones.  Any help, helps and is graciously appreciated. 

Please continue to support Sparkle Smile and Shine Nails and find us 9n Instagram: @sssnails1

With love, Jen xxx 

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As nail art is very intricate, capturing the finer details makes a huge diffecence for education and appreciation.  My first goal is to bring the quality of videos upto the best possinle resolution. So any contributions would see our videos and photos move into higher end DSLR quality.
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