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About Ganna

My name is Ganna and I am a professional violinist from Ukraine. I don't compose myself but I love to play my instrument and my life goal is to play it better and better every each day. 
I will be extremely thankful to everybody who can help me! I promise I will share my achievements, knowledge and love to music with all of you
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Last semester I was an exchange student in Grieg Academy in Bergen, Norway, and the time there was the best time in my life. Being a professional musician I know how hard it is - to find your teacher and conditions which would be the most comfortable for your studies. However, I was lucky enough to find both the teacher and school of my dream there in Bergen. I haven't had such a progress in my playing never before! Both my professor and the cultural environment of the city helped me very much to improve my skills. That's why I decided to apply to get a master degree there - other two years of studying with my professor in Bergen could change all my life!

A couple of weeks ago I got news that I was accepted to the school to study as a master student. Unfortunately, being a Ukrainian, in order to get a resident permit I need to show to the Norwegian Immigration Department extremely big amount of money - around 14 000 dollars. This money is supposed to cover my living costs during the year (education itself is free in Norway). I have already found around 6 000, but still need much more. The whole sum should be on university account until 15 of May. My family is from the district where the military actions are going on now so they can't support me. Even if they could, the sum is very big comparing to what people actually earn in Ukraine.

Studying in Bergen is my dream! It was a big luck to get there and now I hope very much that I will be able to come back :)

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