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is creating How to prepare & ready for basic survival
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Hi everyone! The first 10 pledges will get 20$ gift card to a outdoor hunting store of there choice! Every month we will have these awesome rewards!

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About Matt De Rosie

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming to my page! I'm trying to prepare & ready individuals that wanna learn basic survival skills & be prepared incase a terrorist attack or war breaks out. (Hopefully not though) But incase that happens be ready!! Don't be the last minute guy trying to get supplies when shit hits the fan! Statistics say 87% of people will panic & not be able get supplies to last more then week.
so i am here to show you how to budget & get what you need.
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To get 1000 Patrons by the end of July. I want to really spread the information on how to survive in the woods, mountains, marshes, urban area. I want to help people who are unfortunate & do not have the funds to purchase the basmedical, equipment, medical supplies & food. 
we will do a live video every month & deliver 5 survival kits!
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