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We know this isn't much, but as a small film company looking for your support the least we can do is offer our thanks. We will send out an email with a personalized thank you to everyone who pledges to this Tier.
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At the end of the year we will be Screening our upcoming film/s all those who pledge for this tier will get an invitation to the screening, where they can enjoy an evening at the movies with drinks and snacks provided.




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Nut Allergy productions is a small college student run YouTube film company. We are currently based in Mississauga, Ontario. We currently have 6-8 people including our founder Ryan Kessler, who work with us on a regular basis to produce our films but we are always looking for more people to help out.

We make films to collectively tell a story and to see a finished product. We normally make films for us and to see our creativity grow when we work together but in the end we love to share our films with our fans (new and old).

Currently we have two films being released but we have tons of ideas were in the process of writing and or films that are about to start filming . With some help from you and a little bit of hard work on our end everything should turn out fine!
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Once we reach 200 Patrons we will focus on expanding our film company to the next level. This will mean increased production time, increased production value and more creative freedom. We may even try to extend to full length films.
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