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this donation will make me sure that there's actually people out there who care and that's the most important thing .
First big step
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I can't actually describe my appreciation for people who will make this donation , you are just unique human beings thank you so much .
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For the very few ones who will consider making such donation i will send you in private my personal first love story with every detail and lesson to learn .




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Hey guys , hope that you're doing well , to be honest this is my first time ever to publish my writings with other people , i checked a lot of videos about patreon it seems like a nice place to start , just a brief idea of what i do is that i write about anything related to the period of adolescence such as relations , disappointments , regrets , achievements ... in the goal of making an example to others and finding people who relate to my stories and bringing back to some that feeling and passion of adolesance so i wanna thank all of you who will visit my page and appreciate my work and what i hope the most is to be at the level of your expectations. Thank you all so much 🙏❤️

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