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Hi,my name is Jose, Im 19 years old and i love film making or anything to do with creativity, ive been doing film making for about a year now and well its something that ive picked up fairly quickly,and that i love! 
After high school i honestly didn't know what to do with my life,i was at a point of being confused on why i couldn't figure out what my goal was. I was lost with no guide .In about 2 years after graduating i got a chance to travel to New York to visit some family. So i picked up my camera and recorded everything i saw. After the trip i realized that this was something i enjoyed doing,I wanted to be different and well do something with my life that nobody around me thought was possible and that's to create content for a living.So i started to work on it,on getting little jobs here and there film making. I do have a part time job ,but on the side i also do film making,which is like my other part time.But my main goal is to at least make this my full time job,and well to just create content for a living,and all this will hopefully be possible with your help! Regardless, even if i don't get paid Im still going to make video because its something i love to do,thank you and i hope you have a great day! :)
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My main goal is to motivate others to create something great(videos,art,photography,etc,you name it)! and to also make film making my full time! and once i get more supporters and more money to help out my film making ,I will help creators who are barely starting off to get more of a following to start their careers, and at least try to post 2 videos a week,and if anything im always free to collab with anyone,just hit me up! 
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