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Hey my beautiful souls,

My name is Kristina and I started in 2015 my first blog. At that time I lived in Los Angeles and worked in the Fashion industry so I thought lets start a fashion blog. It did not take a long time until I realized that this is not the right thing for me, so I started writing about my life.
At that time I also started my own journey towards the awakening of the soul: I accepted the fact that I am a Twin Flame and a light warriors. ;)

It did not take long and others started to tell me how much they loved reading my blog and how much it helps them in their own personal journey. I never thought that I would do any of this.

Sooooo after going back and forth in my mind, two years later, I took all my courage.
I deleted my blog and started my own youtube channel ( Agape One L8ve) , bought some tarot cards, went to a million of healing and self love workshops ( haha) and opened up more and more like a lotus flower.

Today, I have curious souls who come to me and seek advice. Relationship dynamics, health issues, finding their true soul mission, all this and way more are just examples of what I am assisting these beautiful souls currently with.

My Services are including tarot card readings, healing sessions,  webinars on youtube, reiki and much more

With every reading and session I feel more alive and I pour all my heart, soul and creativity towards opening your heart and assisting you to find your heart service.
I am holding your hand, while you walk your path of life.

The most important thing for me is Self Love. We have to love ourselves, to be able to love others unconditionally and be happy and content. Self love is the key to be with your twin!
I want to assist and help advanced souls to do so.

I went through a lot of dark nights of the soul moments on my own twin soul journey and I want to help you with the right tools, so we can shorten your dark night of the soul and let the healing begin. This is your path to self mastery! 

I am a strong believer that we all have a heart service on this planet and came here to take action towards it.

I want to raise money and awareness to get even more out there and awake every single soul to his or her heart service and doing so I need all of your support and love. To keep doing what I do, I like anyone else, I need financial support. 
I want to create a world full of consciousness. Thats the start! 

We are all littel puzzle pieces, but together we are one big finished puzzle. We are one.
Lets get back to that oneness!
Lets find out what puzzle piece you are.

I hope this will give you all a little sneak peak of who I am and what I do.

Love and Light,


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When I reach this goal. I will buy even better equipment to keep on doing what i do and make it even better. So I can assist even more souls 
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