Isaiah Harris

is creating Art, Music, Photography, Videography, Acting, and Gymanastics.




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There was nothing more that I ever strived for more than to be known. My entire life was spent with no purpose, being torn down in so many ways, and I was so callow, yet I wanted attention. But, now I have realized that I'm not doing it for me, but rather for the ones who surround me and support my decision of expression through videos! I do videos for and because of you and that is no joking matter; so thank you! On these videos I attempt everything I've ever learned in my life and bring them out into recordings, somehow, some way. I am bringing out the many talents that God and time has so kindly given me. So please enjoy!
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I'll start off with a savings account. Maybe soon get equipment to make better content for you all and begin for a life after that!
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