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You guys are absolute LEGENDS! You'll get mentioned in most of my videos (I say most cos I may forget a few ahaha) and you'll be the first call if I ever need fans in a video!

Once more, thanks for your support :)

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This act of gratitude is just too dam cheeky!! As a madman you'll get everything the legends get but you'll also recieve a small 5-10 second video of whatever meme you want me to create! Thank you so much!

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Woahhh this is some god level donation shit! As a literal deity, you'll receive all the previous rewards however you'll also receive exclusive DoctorPandaFace videos which aren't gonna be on the channel! Cheers mate!




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About DoctorPandaFace

Ello guvna
Thanks for coming across my patreon page!

I in no way expect any payment for my YouTube videos. I release them for free, you watch them for free. However if you do wanna donate then that is greatly appreciated as it allows me to earn money for doing what I love!
If you don't want to donate then that's totally fine! Fuck it, you can even dislike my videos for fun if ya want. However if you do choose to show support through patreon, liking, commenting etc. it genuinely makes me smile knowing I have people who enjoy what I make and that contribute to the amazing community my videos have created!
Until the next video,

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A goal to see if people will actually give a shit about my patreon, if this goal is hit I'll be filled with a warmth so great that I'll basically be a Pixar film about an old bloke and a dog...and also a fat Asian kid.
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