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About Joanna May

Why I'm creating a patreon account

Since I was born, I've been a very adventurous and curious person and the amount of things that I wanted to learn and discover is as infinte as the space itself.
But there are difficulties that come with having such an eager to learn.

Although we have the year 2018, we cannot speak of equal an equal right to education, not even in the western parts of the world. There are thousands of universities and at least as many programs for travel at work or doing exchange years in school. But all the above aren't for free. The fees for such programs are extremely high and you don't need to be poor to be unably to effort so much money. This year in August, I'm gonna go to Ireland, to experience the culture and the life there and I'm planning on going to university after school. So you can imagine what things bother me at the moment.
Here on patreon, I'd like to write about those things, those issues in society and share my thoughts on how to deal with them, to help others that might go through the same.
So if you want to join me on my journey, if you like to take a critical look on society and change something by supporting me, I would be happy to call you my patron.

Where the money goes

  • financiating the fee for my year in Ireland. The fee: $11800 minus $3000 scholarship by the exchange organisation
  • things like school uniforms and bustickets
  • in future, for my studies

$0 of $100 per month
When I reach 100 per month, I'll be able to go to Ireland. That means that I can start to do a travel blog series.
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