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Every day I'm learning someting new about  3D game assets. And I wanna pass forward what I'm learning so that's why I decided to create vídeos with tips about game design.

For me, Patreon is the best way to accomplish my goals. It's innovative and still fresh, so that's why I've come to Patreon. 

My Plan is:

1- Create themes to the assets (the first one I've already created: Victorian Dinning Room).

2 - Use Maya 2018, Substance Painter 2017 and Zbrush to create the assets (high and low polys).  

3 - Use Unreal Engine and Unity Engine to show how it will be the final work.

4 - Record it and post all the process on YouTube (I already recordered the first vídeo)

All that will be created all by myself, but unfortunatlly I'm having some issues. The first one is: I'm not using an updated Substance Painter (mine is 2017, not a big problem but it could be a good thing creating assets with 2018 version). The second issue is: my Autodesk Maya is a studdent version so I can't sell my assets. And the third issue is: I don't have Zbrush (I had classes but I can't buy this program). So the idea is someone investing on me to create better vídeos with tips about game design. It will be a great experience.     

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