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Hello, a friend told me about this site 'patreon', and I try the experiment.

I am a self-taught piano composer and use the REASON recording program. So I do everything myself, from composition to video.
So far my method has been to sit comfortably on the couch of my 'Home Studio' classical guitar hand and glass of fruity juice nearby. With my head firmly leaning back, I master this instrument and let the imagination do its work ... quite simply.
I do not control the inspiration, but I am ready to welcome it.

Once the musical idea is fixed, I jump on my keyboard ROLAND FP4F and I open the software REASON. I chose my tone preferences and I take the structure found on the guitar to integrate it to the sound of the piano (a process that can be long sometimes). What is interesting about digital composition is that the arrangement possibilities are live. We hear the results in real time. No need for an accompanist or orchestra, you can get a very good idea of the content from the first measure. So, after transcribing the writing of the guitar to the piano, I distanced myself from this composition. I try to mind something else ... to listen to something else. It is only once the melody 'forgotten' that I come back to work it. My listening is then neutral and I can proceed to the fix if necessary.

The game of creation takes place throughout the production. I adjust the pitch of the notes if necessary, I add the effects machines to the relevant places, slow down or speed up the tempo too ... In short I am having fun. Sometimes I ask my father (music lover) to come and listen before finalizing the title. His ear is perfectly detached from work and it allows me to have an outside point of view.
When I'm happy with my work, I export the song as a Wave file.
(google translate)
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When I reach $200 per month, I will be able to compose music more frequently.
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