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About Cameron Cosby

My name is Cameron Cosby and I am a young adult and I am here to tell my relatable stories in a different way from the rest. Being not so by the book and more from the mind and where which I was brought up. Challenges is the name of the game but you shouldn’t let that game run your life. Whether challenges may be with a missing figure, constant self doubt, or just inspiring lives in general. I am here to cover these topics and many more from not only my perspective but from what I've heard, what I know now, and what these perspectives and thoughts have taught me as a whole. Anyone can listen to this anywhere. Just keep in mind that I'll word things a little bit differently. That's because I'm not book taught I'm self taught.
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My goal to $50 dollars would be great so I can get better information to you guys in a much better & more sufficient way! To you guys the listeners. The importance that you have drives me to give better content and dog deeper into more topics about my podcasts as a whole sharing more stories with a much better purpose as the episodes go on. 
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