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I am currently working my way through the maths curriculum. However, if there are any topics you are struggling with and want me to cover, I will produce content at your request.
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I have been playing around with the idea of launching a podcast. If anyone donates this much I will produce my first podcast (probably with my brother, Dave, he's a super interesting guy, you can see him cameo in the "Range" video on my YouTube channel). You will have exclusive access to this first podcast.




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My mission is to produce high quality maths content that will help students across the world with their maths lessons. I understand how difficult some students find maths and how frustrating that can be. From an early age kids can be told that they "have the wrong answer", and that can be deflating and quickly dampens their self esteem towards the subject. 

I have been a teacher in High schools for 14 years and am disheartened at how many students start to believe from an early age that they "can't do maths" and that they are simply not clever enough to progress.

Maths can be daunting and the sheer volume of content can be overwhelming, so I want to continue to produce videos that inspire students to understand that it is possible to learn maths, so long as they break the subject down into small bite size skills. 

In addition to this, I will continue to motivate students to build in some exercise along side their learning. A quick Google search shows the evidence that exercise can improve memory, focus and attention and has even been shown to aid neurogenesis (the growth of new brain cells). 

So I am trying to encourage students to capitalise on this knowledge and ultimately learn to "hack" their own brain chemistry in order to help them learn and remember maths. Exercise also produces dopamine and makes people feel good, feel happy and manages stress levels in the body. Kids are under increasing stress from many different angles and I want to encourage them to manage that stress through exercise.

My mission is not an easy one and I am working against firmly entrenched school systems which often don't have the resources to think outside of the conventional box.

But, the stakes are high. There are millions of students in schools across the world that are forced to "do maths" in High school and often their future can depend on how well they perform in the final exam. Doors to their potential future can shut if they don't get certain grades in maths. So I want to be a force in their life that can give them hope and inspire them to believe that they can do well in their high school maths and keep those doors open.

Any support at all would be massively appreciated and will be invested into making my videos better and at getting my message out to more students across the world.
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I will upgrade my microphone to improve the sound quality of the videos.
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