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About Gerard Christian Zacher

After a lifetime of stage theater and film project (and weekly radio) performing, in 2002, I began an unexpected career in film character tribute artist entertainment. It started by experimental public entertainment. As a diverse performer, I covered a very wide variety of film character tribute artist performing. This successfully lead to bigger projects and even press and media attention. Eventually, the initial scene I rose from became overrun with very unprofessional people in low quality costumes with no respect for each other or the public who continuously broke laws and were not properly patrolled.

After several years of collecting very accurate, professional, high quality costumes as a cosplayer and tribute artist performer, I left that scene behind me and put what I had to much better use, starting a party / event entertainment company. I gathered very close friends and colleagues of mine, and expanded our cast and crew further. We quickly got the attention of many VIP clients, and started garnering 5 Star reviews, which we have maintained over the years. We cater to a variety of clientele -  average families, corporate events, trade shows, television appearances, entertainment for celebrities' private parties / events, and more. We are based in Los Angeles, but we have done many out of town events, and we offer to travel anywhere domestically or internationally.'

We are addicted to giving people the best possible, most memorable and thrilling experiences, and making them happy. There is nothing more heart-warming than bringing sheer joy to others. We always appreciate any sort of support that helps us do this. Thank you so much for visiting!