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About Nemo, Ultra High-Definition 4K Underwater Drone


Nemo Underwater Drone is capable of diving up to 100 meters (328ft) deep allowing you to capture Ultra HD 4K quality photo and video. You can explore the underwater world, even without physically jumping into the sea.

Check this unbiased and professional product review from Stefan, Filtetest, the great flight enthusiast come from United States. Thanks so much for his awesome work. 


Nemo Footage:

We, Aquarobotman, had spent past 3 years on Nemo underwater drone. Our first prototype is a 3-thruster version. During the prototype testing, we found 3-thruster system couldn’t maintain a perfect stability underwater. So we decided to add an extra thruster in the vertical direction. Using the CAE computer technology, we demonstrate the underwater movement of Nemo 2.0 and find 4-thruster system can provide perfect stability underwater.
Then we tested Nemo 2.0 for half a year. We used it in pearl farm to observe the growth; We send it undersea to check a ship’s engine problem; We controlled Nemo to explore mysteriously underwater caves; We found manta rays in Hawaii and crocodiles in Florida.

After product testing, we finished our DFM analysis and improved manufactory procedures. Now we just finished our first production. We are ready for mass production and able to ship the Nemo in July.

Controlling Nemo is easy – simply turn it on and connect the App to its dedicated Wi-Fi network and you are good to go.

Since radio signals are blocked in water, Nemo stores and transfers video through a special cable to its Wi-Fi connector. You can then see the real-time view on the App installed on your phone or tablet. Adding VR goggles enhances the view with an immersive virtual reality experience.

Nemo is also the world`s first underwater drone that features a quick-change modular battery cell. It eliminates the worry of running low on battery power when outside without a power source. Just bring a few backup battery cells and you can enjoy playing with Nemo as long as you like.

We also designed a convenient backpack for Nemo. It can hold Nemo safely for transport along with other drone-diving essentials.

Risks and challenges

We are currently working hard with our partners, consolidating production plans and coordinating 3rd party vendors, e.g. international logistics. However, we would still like to inform you of certain risks and challenges.
International Logistics Risk
Our product includes batteries and WiFi parts, which make it more difficult to ship. The speed and price of the shipping may vary with the number of units we deliver to each country.
We have spent the past three years building a very capable supply chain team. However, component delays and unexpected shortages may occur. If this happens, we will be sure to keep you informed and try our best to quickly solve the problem.

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