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View My Comics Here! Hello everyone! my name is Abe. I'm an artist & comic creator who loves sharing what I do. over the past 4 or so years I've put my efforts into bettering myself as an artist and now I want to take the next step in my journey as a creator and learn to live off of what I do and grow from the experience. I'm very passionate about art and what I do, It's truly my way of life and part of who I am, I love it. when I came across Patreon I saw it as a way to really try being a freelance artist. we live in a time where our opportunities are almost limitless so why not put your best foot forward. As I go forward with this I will do my very best to bring quality artwork to everyone that inspires and entertains. My standard is always quality over quantity and my goal is to perfect my craft by providing it as a service. what service you say? good question! What I'd like to do is start a series of collectable posters based off the comics & concept art that I create. How does it work you say!? great question! so each month I will make one poster that will be available for that month as a reward.. I will also be posting a picture of the poster for that month for all to see so you may decided if you want it or not.. Then when the new month starts a new print will be available for said new month and the previous one will no longer be.. and so the cycle will repeat. How to obtain one of these prints and how much you say? swell question! just simply get the reward for $10 for each print that comes out :)  I think thats all... So thank you for stopping by & your time, It's much appreciated. 
Best regards - Abe

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