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About Kelly Mitchell, The Caffeinator

Innovation in real estate is a passion of mine. Getting more information to the people who need it, when they need it, encouraging the exchange of ideas, secrets and best practices to drive innovation and encourage change. That's what I am about. Hard work. Great interviews. All with insights on success, failure and how to do real estate business better.

After 3 years of creating well over 250 interviews and I'd love to keep the episodes going advertiser free for my Patreon supporters.  The audience is growing, the visibility is growing and the show has gained a great deal of respect because we're not "sell outs" and our audience trusts us. 

I'd like to make the show even better and get the videos to the audience quicker and create additional content taking it to the next level in post production. I'd like to accelerate the amount of interviews I do and hire an assistant to help that along.  To create eBooks, write more, and continue to provide high quality content. It's hard.  I've sacrificed my savings, my career and my heart and soul to create this. I don't want to be pelting people with advertising and I am now at critical juncture. It's either sell my soul or count on those who care and benefit to help me make this work...  

Why do I do this?  Because after traversing four different industries and creating success in each, I realized there is not a man or woman on the ground to help the person get insights from experts, learn from their failures, monetize by learning the successes . This show serves that purpose. To get people the information they need to do business better without getting involved with gratuitous egos, constantly being sold or stumbling trying to find the right resources.  Bottom line, your business is to do business. My business is to get you information you need so you can do it even better. 

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