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Hi girls and guys,
Sometimes we think: "What does really matter?" and I would say:
"It really matters to think!"                               
So, as you should have recognized by far, I Love thinking and I am a Hell to Proud of this skill!
So in my opinion, we have a big problem nowadays. A growing percentage of our fellows have started to become more and more selfish over the last period of time. 
This isn`t exactly their own fault, but that`s another topic..
If you decide to become my Patron I will start to include YOU in my daily thinking process, I will think about You, as an individual and about the mistakes you have probably done relating to the decline of the society. 
BUT I will also think about all the good things that you are doing constantly and unconsciously. All wonderful, inspiring and humanly decisions which can (sometimes) only be seen from an outside position. Changes which are influencing the big process we are all part of, in this second.
I will think of you.

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