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First off thank you so much to Patreon for giving arts-loving people a chance to do productive things with their creative passion.

We are starting 13 14 Productions from square one to produce a scripted web series comedy called The House Painters Show ... it's about the misadventures of some high school buddies who start a summertime house painting business.

Each 5-to-6 minute episode will have the painting crew working at the homes of oddball customers, learning the ropes in terms of doing quality work and understanding what it takes to be part of a team that runs a small business, and doing so with a lot of over-the-top antics and fails.

People who get behind us will get full access to behind-the-scenes posts and updates as we find the cast, pull the production of the first episodes together and then get them launched.  Our patrons will be able to have meet-and-greet sessions online with our cast and creators, plus plenty of good surprises to come.

We are all about letting teens be involved in the acting, writing, filming, editing and promoting of The House Painters Show. Sponsor funding will be used to cover production costs and paying all participants in the project to whatever degree we can.

The House Painters has been a project I have procrastinated on for years and thanks to Patreon I see a way now to actually produce the show. I have a couple of other good project ideas for 13 14 Productions that can be taken forward once the House Painters Show is up and running.

So best wishes and a special thanks to people who become patrons and friends of what we are going to do and the spirit behind it.   See you soon ...Tim
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  • Make a really funny and popular show that also imparts some life lessons to young people.

  • Empower and educate youth by having them participate in all aspects of production and promotion of a web series.
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