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I have had a love affair with music since I learned to play the piano many years ago.  I also play guitar which I learned in college.  Some years ago I opened a recording studio and got acquainted with Protools and Reason a great creative combination for composing music.  
Since then I have mostly done recording and composing in my home studio.
I retired in 2010 and moved with my wife to Cuenca Ecuador. 
The picture you see os where I create my music.  Most of my music is instrumental and occasionally I write lyrics but I am not a poet.  Everything you hear created by me I did myself. The composing the laying of all the parts and recording and mastering it for all to listen. I currently use Protools 12.8 and Reason 9 with a small Casio keyboard to trigger the sounds in Reason.
So what is my style of music?  I try to compose in all styles of music from Classical to hip hop rather then stick to one style.  I compose in song structure which means most songs are from 3-5 minutes long. 
I put my music up on Sound Cloud under my name William Keyes.
$0 of $500 per month
When I reach that goal I will use the money to buy more recording equipment so I can do live recordings of local bands here in Cuenca that they can use to promote themselves
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