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About A game without a name yet

Hi everyone ! 

To start this page, i want to thank you just for looking here ^^

Here's the deal : My name is Gurvan, I'm french, living near Paris, and I'm 18, soon 19, and i'm working as a coppersmith !

I've created this page the 18 of may 2018 at 3 a.m cause I was in holidays and couldn't sleep ^^

This patreon is here only to show me if some people are interested in my project, it's not really about money, if all the patreons who follow me only give me 1$, it's ok, i don't care, this still means that they are interested in what i'm doing ^^

THE project ! : My project is a game, in a post apo world, i can't tell you so much today cause it's still a work in progress, but it's been already 4 weeks since i'm working on it, and i'm doing pretty great i think.. ^^

Remember all the time i said "I" ?.. yep, i'm alone on this project, cause i don't know anyone who could help me with this, but if you know someone who is good for drawings, and stuff like this, or maybe YOU are good at it ?? then contact me here : [email protected]
Anyway, thank you for your time, i know i'm not saying so much here, but i'm working on it, so.. you'll probably know more about it if you come to my discord ^^ (https://discord.gg/AppTu8C)

See you later on the discord (or not ^^), and have a good day :) 
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Ok guys ! if we are here, then we are seriously building a community, and i love you for this <3
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