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The world of the third art is full of nonsense, paintings that are created from laziness (Minimalism, Hyperrrealism and digital art). All modern art museums are full of paintings on white canvas (Or other oil color) with dots, lines and splashed lil things and are being sold for millions of dollars; Even though ART musn't be perfect (Like mine) it must cost thinking and planning, it must have essence and originality (At least Cezanne and picasso had that, when they painted like kids at school) we must remember even Claude monet (Whos paintings perhaps took him 30 mins of his life) were full of vibe, even when they looked unfinished and impressionist with all those colors, he had inspiration and they did not look like the rest or lazy. Nowadays we see a white canvas with 2 dots and we call it art, expensive art...also, hyperrealistics and digital "Artists" make use of technological devices to help them,...thats lazy too, its like painting on a photography and you just add color... my question is...what happened with art?, where did art went from surrealistic to "IAmJustTiredstic"?, what happened to plen-air? and since when people must figure out what the artist put on canvas (or other material) and they stare at something that doesnt make sense? (Even the craziest picasso painting or a Dali's did not need that much staring and attention, even a pollock makes sense)....
i am a cinema and art (painting) historian and i am here to show my not-perfect art but full of heart. i do not sell unless you really love my paintings, i am just here to show an art full of heart and not laziness. 

have a nice day

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