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List of basic sustainable habits. according to a certain location, culture, education or distorted thinking, most people are unable to motive themselves to change their habits. A synonymous of acting smart is magical thinking, being a "specialist" locks out other perspectives and criteria. Our social culture is sallow due to this process of voluntary ignorance, getting out of a dogma is important, sustainable  habits can break the deadly habits of denial.

The innovation of common sense
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To avoid stagnation, despair and isolation people can adapt and respond to change. Fear of changing is equated to fear of death, a natural resistance that paralysis both people and societies.  Their capabilities remain dormant and untapped... Responsibility is the key adapting and acting to prevent probable and unforeseen disasters. Help me add free content to my websites. 

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To help people craft a better reality locally, we need to view how it is done, developing different ideas without discarded them before they are tried. I want to expose and consider the importance of respect and responsibility by sharing with others those ideas. My experience as a project designer has been through understanding as many aspects of a problem to create a long lasting solution. And in many projects, I have succeeded to build trust, participation and commitment.
I would like to thank any sponsors that care and welcome any help for me to continue the work I have been doing. I will describe more about my activities of the past twenty years in several posts.
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Hire occasional proofreader and buy hardware such as a digital video camera, cpu and software to produce animation for DIY content, useful advise related to sustainable understanding the interrelations of quality for any person over the age of 14, aiding teachers or organizations interested in developing common sense, both in Spanish and English. This is an ongoing work of 25 years dedicated to restoring the balance of our biosphere. I will be sharing different digital maps that I have created for free downloading   
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