Logan (Angry Tummy) Cortez

is creating Art, custom drawings, shoe designs
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thank you. it may not seem like much but it shows me that you actually care and suport my works
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Thank you for the support. As part of the tummy nation you can get progress pictues of the art pieces i make at the moment. 
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Thank you for the support. as part of the movie club you get to be part of the movie nights we will have once a month. might be a comedy, horror, action, may even be a famly movie or some anime movie 




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About Logan (Angry Tummy) Cortez

Hello and thank you for taking an interestin my page. so a little about what i do. basically i art at a decent level. I do paintings and portriats and commision works for people (not much digital art though). What i mainly do is designs on shoes for people.  
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when i reach $500 a month i will record videos of every shoe i design and post to my youtube channel
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