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About Gourmet Hobo

I’m restless! As a Nomadic seasonal chef I love to travel see new places and try new things. I have been traveling up the East Coast of Australia since July 2018. Though it’s fantastic to live a nomadic lifestyle you do face challenges; You need to have a cash flow to buy food, fuel, accommodation, equipment and maintain your things. You need to be able to produce and store your own electricity to charge your electronics and power needs. You need to find adequate temporary accommodation at a reasonable price. You need to produce healthy meals with little or no refrigeration or long periods away from public services. You need to find away to meet your sanitary needs and waste disposal.
I plan to start a YouTube series documenting and covering these subjects starting with “Food” helpful tips, tricks and Hacks to eat like a gourmet evan when you’re living out of a tent or a van! Subjects like; Hobo Dinners for under a $1, how to make gourmet breakfasts, open fire cooking, desserts, preserving, dehydrating and curing, foraging!
The long term Goal is to invest in a food van to feed the masses, a way to creat income as I travel!
 The Gourmet Hobo
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To get a Hobo Food truck to feed the masses! Travel the globe spreading the Hobo ethos.
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