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Fusion as a source of energy needs to happen for a bunch of reasons!
We need fusion here on Earth as a plentiful source of clean energy that can power human civilization towards a future of abundance. And later we will also need fusion in a compact form to journey out into the Solar System and beyond (where starlight is but a distant glimmer).

With your help, I am looking to assist in realization of practical fusion for energy by exploring additional visualization and simulation approaches.

Visualization of scientific computing simulations can provide additional insight in support of fusion energy generation and space propulsion, amongst many other subject areas. By working on visualization of plasma simulations, and exploring results in more interactive and novel ways (including using VR technologies), I am aiming to make some contributions towards fusion being realized sooner. I am also looking to leverage simulation acceleration technologies such as CUDA where that can be helpful for particular codes, and possibly experiment with dynamic plasma control in such simulations.

So, I am hoping to get your Patreonage for these efforts, which should benefit a variety of the approaches being taken towards practical fusion power generation. I will also be keeping up with current research in order to look into new angles on current problems. My goal is to post videos of simulations periodically, and where appropriate contribute back to relevant codebases.

I have a long background in computing (25 years), with math and physics, and have developed a keen interest in visualization. I have done some work previously with scientific visualization software (ParaView, including some in-situ visualization using the Catalyst adaptor).

I am also interested in scientific and information visualization in general, and hope that I can be of some assistance to visualization efforts across a range of local university departments as well.

What your Patreonage will support:
The most pressing need currently is time itself, so your support will help to expand the amount of time I can spend on this.
I have enough personal compute resources to make progress right now.  Depending on developments, in the future there might be some need for additional resources, perhaps such as time on larger compute environments.

Thank you for any and all support - it will mean I can spend more time contributing to these efforts in the role of Fusion-Plasma-Viz Guy!

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