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is creating the Alu-Kiel
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About Razak Loremaster

Looking for patrons to help me create my worldbuilding project of the Alu-Kiel, it is currently having its lore built and could use money to create art and stories. For more information, join the community server for updates and a rundown on the project! https://discord.gg/wEMGfHr

The Alu-Kiel is a fictional universe which is the physical form of the Allfather’s mind. It’s an important project to me thanks to my love of worldbuilding and loreforging. Originally, my interest in cartography started up the product by designing the map of Silsith. I want the project to eventually become an expansive world of lore which would allow others to immerse themselves within. It could result in books, board games, RPGs, or comics if we’re ever lucky enough to get this project going.
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$25 would really help improve the quality of the work produced, including things such as art.
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