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Eight dimensions
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I will do my best, in a youtube video, to give my explanation of reality (up to eight dimensions), and according to my high school english students I am pretty sure it will be interesting.  
Life in BH
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Do you have any curiosity about Brazil?  Belo Horizonte?  What is life like?  What are the people like?  Ask me to show you and I'll do my best in a short video on Youtube.  
Expletive diatribe
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I will create a video on youtube using your first name in a two minute expletive ridden diatrive recorded on public transit (a crowded bus) in Belo Horizonte (Brazil's third largest city).  I will blame you for some political failure in the world, (probably something Trump did) and do it in English. The other passengers will not understand English but will probably think I have gone crazy.




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About Just Dave

I have been following modern scientific advances and hope to create meaningful writing that puts quantum realities into perspective for my readers.  I don't dumb it down, and serious writing, ideas, art are not really commercially viable these days.
I am an American living in Brazil, and I am spending a great deal of time on my writing.  I am almost at the point of self-publishing and I really don't want my focus to be on money as I publish.  I prefer to appeal to those of you would could spare a buck or two to keep my gas tank filled, and help me to feel a little less frenetic when I choose to go back, take more time, make it better, and trust that the world will be better for it.
If you got to this line...THANK YOU, for reading.  Knowing someone might be reading this inspires me.
Videos will be coming soon but don't get your hopes up.  I have a face that looks irritated and angry when I am relaxed, and like many people who like to write I don't have much patience for verbal communication.  Also, I can be, when the moon is full, slightly self depricating.


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