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Im Steven Krüger, 22 years old and I live in Germany. I finally decided to write down the Story for a Manga I have in my head for 1 year now. The reason because I'm using Patreon is to find an artist who will team up with me to make this. I cant draw at all but I have a nice story in my Mind, I just need to find someone to draw everything. It will not be paid and is a free Project for now, please notice that if you are interested. When we get Patreons and earn Money, we obviously split that but untill then its a free project.

Anyway, I have the first Chapter done in German, need to translate and other stuff but Its useable

Mail or Message me if you want team up, I look for an Artist who knows what Manga is and can draw xd.

[email protected]

Please read the Basic Story below.

Magic Steven:

Its about Steven, a normal guy who is an office businessman trainee. He also likes to play games and watch Animes, read Mangas. All this is a normal cycle that repeats and repeats. The only time he can escape this cycle is when he goes hiking. There is a big forest near his home, he likes to hike there and goes to a special place to relax. He recently got 18 and decided to go hiking again, but this time anything chages. He meet 2 strange beings and they tell him he is a "AUSERWÄHLTER" (wich means chosen one or something, it will always be auserwählter in the Manga to get a little german touch). From that point his life changes and he will meet many People, learns about the other World, Magic and other things.  Dont wanna spoiler anything :3

Very Important!!!

[Not Paid untill we get Patreons to support our work, then we can talk about Money. Until then its a free Project]

If you want to support me, make sure to know that there is the possibility that I wont find an artist. I do my best to advertise and ask people out but you never know.

You can see my progress here :D

Also, the Packground is a placeholder. Im not good at this xd

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