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Patreon is a website for creative people to showcase their art/music/other creative sides and get paid for their work. I am not necessarily here to showcase my own work, but to get you inspired to create something yourself.
I am a landscape architect who is tired of the lack of garden culture that surrounds him (don't worry, it's country specific. Your country may be just fine!). My dream is to open people's eyes for what surrounds them. To see more than just the buildings, but the spaces in between them. To see plants, architecture, colours and spacial potential in an entirely different light. So what I'm going to do is give a crash to more in-depth course on art/architecture/landscape and garden design.
This course or inspirational (learning) platform will delve into history, drawing techniques, horticulture and the daily work routine of a landscape architect. That includes procedures and costings (yes!). I do have to point out though, that the more detailed the information gets, the more country specific they are. So the information provided might not fully apply to your circumstances.
So hop in, browse, possibly learn something and maybe (just maybe!) support me by becoming a patreon of mine. ;)
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If I get 500$ a month going I'll start doing this full time!

nah, not really. I don't know any decent goals. The website said I should add some community goals. So come on community! Let's achieve more goals than Germany against Brazil in 2014!
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