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About Forbidden Empires Private Conan Server

We never expect anyone to donate to the server,
This is why we have done it as a one-off donation system, we in no way expect any commitments. 
If you do donate - let us know the name/ tier of the one you get.
Please accept our gift for your donation to the server
Every donation is cumulative of the other tiers- so say you get Tier 3.. you also get tier 2 and 1

Please read before donating

Overview of the Fallen Empires:
The Forbidden Empires is an 18+, English speaking text-based RP-PVP server, with a heavy focus on RP over PVP BDSM Themed.
Age of Calamitous MOD - Kingdom Based Adaptation.

Welcome Page:
Server Lore:
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The Tip Jar
per month
Tier 1
4x Loyalty Tokens 


1000x Pippi Gold 

The Cold Embrace
per month
Tier 2

1000 Resource of Choice 


4x Pippi Wallpaper

The Vanghoul Offering
per month
Tier 3

1x Loyalty Vendor Item of Choice, 


1x T4  Vanilla Non-Purge Thrall, 


1x Greater Pet or Normal Pet 

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