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       No-Problem Parenting; 3 Steps to Strengthening your Relationship with Your Child

Step 1: Seek First to Understand - We are all wired to attach and connect.  Our ability to trust AND our level of self-worth are the most important factors in developing loving relationships.  Seeking first to understand you and your child's reason for resisting each others expectations or responses to one another is the first step in becoming a No-Problem Parent.

Step 2: Prepare for the Worst - When we predict our child's behavior and reactions, we can prepare ourselves to respond without yelling, doling out meaningless consequences or giving in.  Being prepared for whatever behavior, mood or response your child displays at any given moment helps you to be a confident and empathetic leader as well as strengthen your relationship with your child.

Step 3: Change the Conversation - When you or your child are in fight, flight or freeze mode this is not the time to solve a problem.  Instead, give them (and yourself) time, pause and be curious about what they may need and why they are reacting to the problem.  Then lead with empathy and supportive words and actions that will build their confidence and self worth!  Your message to your child (and yourself) is No-Problem, You Got This!

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About Jaci

Jaci Finneman is passionate about helping families find happiness in their day-to-day routine. Her experience runs deep. She started her career as a para-professional for children with developmental disabilities. A few years later she was hired by Caritas, a non-profit agency that supports children with physical and emotional needs. During her tenure, she became a Personal Care Attendant for a 10-year-old child diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).

Intrigued by the diagnosis, she studied and shadowed therapeutic parents and therapists who specialized in the disorder while working full time with the family for more than a year. This experience set the foundation for Jaci’s career. Jaci is a coach and a leader. For 20 years she was an In-Home Family Counselor and Program Coordinator at Greater Minnesota Family Services where she led a successful, value-driven team and launched multiple new children’s mental health programs.
Because of her unique experience, Jaci is highly sought after to coach families affected by Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). These children are some of the toughest imaginable. Her successes with the parents and children affected by RAD inspired her to broaden her reach and apply the same techniques to coach families facing any level of resistance and behavior issues in their home.

Jaci has over 35,000 hours of experience coaching parents. She lives in St. Augusta, MN with her husband Eric and their son Andrew.Jaci started Hello World, LLC in 2013.
“My coaching is parent-focused. Parents are their own child’s expert. I am here to empower them, to help them help their child.” – Jaci Finneman

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