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is creating videos and books about movement and positive ageing.

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Hi, I'm Julie! An artist, author, movement coach, founder of See&Do & eternal optimist & positive ageing advocate dedicated to sharing knowledge and stories that inspire others into action.

The more films and writing I can create the more meaning and value I can give to others. Your contribution will facilitate and guarantee creative work.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved moving images and the emotions and inspiration that peoples stories could ignite in me. Learning how someone had achieved or learnt a new skill, overcome adversity and being generous in spirit as a result always inspired me to be more, to learn, grow and share. I’ve always loved anthropology for its celebration of difference and greek philosophy as a way of viewing the world. Creativity and communicating meaning have underpinned all of my work.

I’m a multi-passionate renaissance woman and entrepreneur who is as happy leading an outdoor natural movement class as making films, shooting photos and writing books. They are all explorations and a source of inspiration. My interests span the worlds of artists, authors, health consultants, movement coaches, philosophers and entrepreneurs.

I worked for twenty years as an independent filmmaker, artistically creating work I like, for, or about, people and companies that I like. I also spend a lot of time documenting the current ‘age of athletisiscm ‘ – Parkour, Natural Movement, buildering and much more. It’s always been a case of See&Do.

Starting life from the simplicity and beauty of the South West of England, I’ve always travelled and had a passion for understanding people, places and their projects. Through my Ph.D. research, award winning short films amassing over 16 million views online, published book ‘Breaking the Jump’, consultations for the United Nations, international academic and artistic presentations, workshops and personal coaching, I help people like you overcome obstacles and rediscover your potential by finding a love of, and meaning in movement.

By filming and understanding what people do I can share their vision, stories and knowledge to inspire and help you. I’m an artist, anthropologist and teacher at heart. My artistic work has meaning and I want to help inspire people by showing them examples of what others are doing so they can 'SEE', then they will start to believe that they can 'DO'. 
I want to inspire people to take action. I believe none of us are less special than anyone else and we all have the potential for positive change.

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When I reach $1000 per month I'll release a new short film every month and post weekly movement coaching videos.
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