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We are an emerging Indigenous Enterprise with the goal and mission to be a prime source of creative content in Indigenous Arts, Entertainment, and Sports that promotes and supports artists, scholars, performers, athletes, and organizations whose objectives match our own. 

Films, radio, TV, digital media, music, and publishing are areas that we have projects in development. We are working diligently to establish our presence in the media industry. It takes effort to stay organized, reach out and build an audience, as well as refine a portfolio of work. What we do appreciate is support that recognizes our passion to build a company that contributes to excellence in the media industry that showcase Indigenous talent and voices. 

The invitation is to you, as an extraordinary and generous human being to support our growth and development as a media company. Since May of 2018 we have delivered two half-hour radio shows broadcasting from CFRC 101.9 FM every Saturday afternoon, starting at 1 p.m., EST. If you have been following the Laura Maracle Show, then segued into Collective R.I.T.E.S. (Radical Indigenous Third Entertainment Space) Radio, you have heard some things that are inspirational, genuine and heartfelt.  We encourage you to follow us, but if you can to also contribute a pledge that supports our growth. There is so much more to build, and we are passionate about what we are responsible for, the next seven generations. 

Support us! Contribute a pledge! We grow because of you. 

Thank you. Kinana'skomitin. All my relations. 
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When our company reaches $2000 per month Collective R.I.T.E.S. Media Company will begin to donate ten percent towards Indigenous communities for youth in the areas of lifelong learning, mental health wellness, and environmental stewardship. We will create a segment of our radio show that highlights the community receiving the donation, and announce any special messages they may want to broadcast. Its a small goal to start, but like a seed, given the right amount of nourishment, will grow into a strong, robust, and unique contribution to our consciousness as beings sharing on this planet.
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