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Channelled words/ texts by SLH on NOTHINGNESS and the Magic Feminine
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Channelled words/ texts by SLH on the mysterium of NOTHINGNESS and the Magic Feminie (one-time or monthly)




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Lerne die Magie des Schenkens und der Hingabe (wieder) kennen! Einladung zu einer monatlichen 'Schenkung ins NICHTS', die viel Neues, Schönes und vor allem auch BIGmagnicNOTHING schafft und co-kreiert! BIGmagicNOTHING kreiert unterschiedliche künstlerische NICHTS-Räume, in denen die Magie-im-NICHTS zum seelenberührenden Erlebnis wird.
Get to know the magic of GIVING and it's co-creative powers! Feed such power through BIGmagicNOTHING - the first evolving Conscious Art work that is growing and flowing out of our joint COLLECTIVE POWER - making the unexpected happen - for you, for us, for all! NOW! BIGmagicNOTHING creates artistic NON-SPACES - and as such is a 'channel'/ a 'medium' for magic to unfold!

Testimonial by Monica M. Schultz:
'Sacrifice comes from old Latin words that mean “sacred” and “to give”. It’s an offering of sacred giving. How beautiful!
The results (BIGmagicNOTHING) were immediate and natural. Miracles began happening all around me—in my business, with my health, in my family. And the miracles seemed as if they had simply been waiting for me to ask. I have no doubts anymore and haven’t had a single anxiety attack in several months! My relationships with clients and my grown daughters have blossomed and my business and my being are healthy!'
'With BIGmagicNOTHING as an evolving Conscious Art Project, with the NOTHINGNESS PROCESS as coaching & healing method - as well as with my teachings on the lunar, magic-magnetic Feminine, I don't teach and preach something new, but something you might have suppressed and blocked out for a very long time (as we all did in our culture - collectively). And it's now time to remember! And to re-empower the 'other' powerbase in all of us.' (Simone Leona Hueber)



Willkommen im BIGmagicNOTHING und allem was durch ihn möglich ist und wird.

is an evolving Conscious Art work. A new way to connect. A paradigm shift. A magic experience. A political act. It grows out of our collective 'feminine-somatic' power-base and works its magic in the moment we truly CONNECT.

And unlike what you - in your consumerist culture conditioning - might expect at this point, BIGmagicNOTHING does not seek to 'sell' you anything. No! It purely seeks to GIVE and ENRICH you with an experience on magic and the (healing) powers within NOTHING(NESS) - by the spaces it opens for such (somatic) experience to unfold.

BIGmagicNOTHING' als Projekt möchte mit seinen NICHTS-Räumen auf Internet und Ikaria auf die Reichtümer & Magie im NICHTS aufmerksam machen und die Menschen mit letzteren verbinden, so dass wir (wieder) lernen, ihnen Ehre zu leisten und dadurch die mystische/ magische Kraft im NICHTS für uns westlich konditionierte Menschen wieder erlebbar wird! :) Helft hier auf Patreon gerne mit, dass diese Räume möglich werden und Grandioses, Wundersames dadurch erlebbar wird. Für uns und viele mehr.

Here on Patreon you can help BIGmagicNOTHING to grow - with whatever you are ready to give, so that in the end also YOU can make an authentic, somatic experience of what it means to RECEIVE - when you GIVE. Into NOTHING.

Through such experience and with your financial help and support you co-create together with us the long awaited, interactive webspace for this magic collective piece of (conscious) art to grow and blossom - more and more! :)

A pilot of BIGmagicNOTHING was launched in 2016 (end of 2015). It came into existence as an Evolving Conscious Art Project when friends of actress-artist Simone Leona Hueber and clients of her transformational coaching method NOTHINGNESS PROCESS in 2016 / end of 2015 started to 'give into NOTHING’ within the magic space of BIGmagicNOTHING. Their investment into NOTHING evoked amazing experiences revealing that NOTHING is never NOTHING, but always full of EVERYTHING - as long as we are brave (and disciplined enough) to let the EVERYTHING (& magic dimension of life) in. And unfold.

Prior to the pilot in 2015 Simone Leona Hueber had her own severe NOTHINGNESS experience after a stage accident in 2014, which literally 'forced' her to stillness for months and months.... In such time she made a deep contact with the Magic-Within-NOTHING, which inspired her to deepen her somatic research in such field even more and to co-create and trigger BIGmagicNOTHING as an evolving, collective piece of Conscious Art. In summer 2015, the 'unfolding magic' within the artist's own stillness (or was it 'Athena's hand'?) brought Simone Leona Hueber to the NOTHINGNESS island Ikaria, which meanwhile has become the very base of BIGmagicNOTHING and its research on NOTHING(NESS) - and the 'somatic feminine'.

On Ikaria, BIGmagicNOTHING in co-creation with locals already opened a space for to come into existence. Of course, out of NOTHING!


'BIGmagneticNOTHING/ Das Grosse NICHTS Projekt' by Simone Leona Hueber is a new evolving Conscious Art Project for transmodern times - that inspires, helps and supports its audience and co-creators to make a deep and inner experience of and connection with how much we 'earn' in the moment we let go of our conditioned mind and learn to 'invest' and to give ourselves into the magic and abundance of NOTHING(NESS) and 'non-space'.

Like for example 'Mindfulness-On-Ikaria' ( has already been evolving out of BIGmagicNOTHING, this specific NOTHINGNESS project (and its applied coaching method NOTHINGNESS PROCESS) is the ‘field’ for more and more projects to come out and blossom. While BIGmagicNOTHING is meant to open a first interactive NOTHINGNESS space on internet it is also a book project as well as its concept embraces various kinds of future installations on NOTHINGNESS and a film. All in all BIGmagneticNOTHING is a political statement questioning the mental patterns established by our achievement-oriented society and sensitizing a wider audience to the (personal and collective) riches within NOTHINGNESS from the moment we learn to let go of fear and make a leap into our very personal - and at the same time collective - 'Self'. In this sense BIGmagneticNOTHING in the end is NOTHING more and NOTHING less than just a new and other way to BE'. Causing and contributing, however, to a huge shift in collective consciousness.

Or in short: BIGmagicNOTHING is a cutting-edge Conscious Art project on love, independency and interdependency. It addresses the creation from a 'Feminine'/ Somatic powerbase and as such it causes magic. For us all.

As patron you now help us & BIGmagicNOTHING to unfold as an Evolving Concious Art project online - inviting more and more people to give in to NOTHING and to experience magic & love from within.

once coming 'off the ground')is:

1. an interactive Conscious ART & love space on internet (
2. an evolving community of lovers and 'co-creators', co-creating magic and new projects that contribute to making the world a better place.
3. an installation on NOTHING
4. a book on NOTHING
5. a very powerful co-creating playground, 'field' and space
6. a 'pool of life' (C.G.Jung) and projects helping other lives and projects
7. a space for individual healing and change
8. a space to think and change paradigms in conditioned thinking - a space to think 'out of the box' and make a new experience with such new thinking.
9. a film



It'd be awesome to have you with us as our patron!
It'd be awesome to have you with us when engaging the riches within (NOTHING) creating magic.
It'd be awesome to have you with us as one of those who love to give – in order to receive... out of NOTHING... EVERYTHING beyond imagination!

It'd be awesome to have you with us as one of those curious to GET IN CONTACT with the depth of experience unfolding when giving in to NOTHING, by investing into NOTHING and the wonders of BIGmagicNOTHING - and the 'magic-magnetic' Feminine.

By giving (in) to BIGmagicNOTHING you are helping and encouraging Simone Leona Hueber and the project:

1. to continue the somatic research on the Magic Feminine & the Dionysian principle (within NOTHING) on the NOTHINGNESS island Ikaria and in other contexts and countries.

2. to build and open art & healing spaces TOGETHER WITH YOU for all of us to heal and transform individually and COLLECTIVELY.

3. to keep receiving relevant information and knowledge out of magic NOTHING and making it available to you - in causing miracles - for you (to heal).

4. to keep acting as a medium passing information out of pre-ancient times to merge with and shake up our culture - with love.

5. to translate somatic information & knowledge into words and fragments of rational and as such make the existential philosophy on NOTHINGNESS & the mystery of magic accessible to more and more people

6. to keep adding new texts to the blog
and write a 'non-book' on NOTHINGNESS.

7. to integrate the knowledge on NOTHINGNESS within other techniques and forms - as for Simone Leona Hueber this is her work as actress and performer - making the NOTHINGNESS PROCESS as method also accessible to other actors, performers and stage artists.

8. to help Mindfulness-On-Ikaria (as the first BIGmagicNOTHING project & 'baby') to unfold on the island, creating healing spaces and experiences for human beings - and nature.

9. to be there for you in moments you reach out for Simone Leona Hueber as coach and healer.

10. to keep investing into the abundance of NOTHING - especially if the outcome and final form is not clear in the end.

11. to develop qualities as lover and healer for all people involved - as this will develop your qualities as lover and healer. because arriving in the new consciousness we all know that we are ONE - and always creating collectively.

12. to create an installation on NOTHING for you and others to experience its magic and healing powers

13. to create a film on NOTHING for an audience to experience its magic and its healing power.

To substantially build and facilitate this interactive project we would need 3'000 USD monthly + 20'000 USD for a first set up of the interactive webspace - which translates into 5'000 USD monthly in the first year...

We're soon back with more text to this exciting Evolving Conscious Art Project which invites everyone to become a part - and act out of LOVE. Cause love is contageous and leaves only winners behind.

With love from an Ancient Greek NOTHINGNESS' hot spot & magic island Ikaria!

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