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Expect some beautiful nature pictures of big and small parts of earth and sky. 




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About Yonayo

Hello there!
Somtimes, when I see something I find beautiful, I take a picture and often have the desire to let others see them. I like clouds a lot, as well as flowers and other plants. It could be that some of my pictures include animals, though. Very few pictures will show neither.
I will post new pictures nearly every day, for I have an anxiety and must go outside everyday to cure it, so you can expect seasonal pictures. Sometimes, I will let a picture I took on vacation slip in. If you have an idea on how to improve my service for you, I would love to know.
Enjoy! :-)
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I want to learn and improve, so viewers voluntarily spread word. For that to work, I have to improve really fast. My goal is to actually go out every day.
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