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I was born in Manhattan but grew up in Miami. I moved to Kalymnos,Greece in the early eighties. The different lifestyle brought a completely different outlook to my way of thinking. I came into touch with my roots on my father's side. Sponge-diving was a major industry on Kalymnos for centuries. My father's family were several generations of sponge-divers. The rough terrain on Kalymnos was inhospitable so the islanders turned to making a living off the sea. The need for survival and the tough circumstances of living on this island have shaped the character of the people here. I have worked as a classical ballet teacher and as an English teacher here. I have also worked in different jobs in the tourist sector. I also worked as a relief volunteer during the massive waves of refugees that came from Syria. All my life experiences have shaped me into the person I have become and how I express myself.

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