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You will receive updates about Orlando Carter's quest for freedom, documents that justify his exoneration, and video explanations of particulars about the government and court. You will receive updates on other cases and issues with the specific goal of understanding why and how they came to be. Our intent should be to effectively communicate not only the issue, but the broader solution. You will receive a digital copy of The Ledge, a book about the value of struggle and suffering. The Ledge supports the premise of this Patreon effort: by understanding why and how struggle is good, we may more aptly communicate the burdens we bear with greater poise and purpose.
A digital copy of The End of Justice
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The End of Justice is an 800 page book that explains why and how America is the most incarcerated country in the world. This book will change how you think of law, government, and the courts.
Tier 1, 2, and a digital copy of Splintered to Federal Folly
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Splintered to Federal Folly is a book about federal jurisdiction and the Affordable Care Act. The book examines the presumption of federal jurisdiction, the enforcement of federal law through and by the Supreme Court, and the loss of liberty in America.




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Are you engaged with life? Do you weigh the implications of any given problem with the hope of finding a solution? A discriminating mind will ask questions and seek solutions to glaring issues. If you knew a particular challenge plagued your home, community, state, or nation, would you make an inquiry and attempt to resolve the matter?

Did you know that America is the most incarcerated country in the world? The most obese country? Is America the freest? No, it ranks number 20. America is near the lowest in education among industrialized nations. Such sobering statistics should give us pause to question what has occurred in the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

My name is Beau Johnson. I am the author of The End of Justice. There is a reason why America is no longer the once coveted beacon of promise. There is a root cause why America no longer reflects what is possible and just and true. That reason is the failure to effectively communicate. I am convinced that the failure to effectively communicate has crippled the great American experiment envisioned by the likes of Jefferson, Franklin, and Washington. 

Success in any endeavor requires the capacity to understand. Understanding influences possibility. If one does not understand, he will neither communicate well nor favorably influence what may be. Rather, he will foster mediocrity or failure. We must conclude that communication is understanding that influences one's capacity to articulate a definitive and worthy end. 

Let me offer an example. America is the most incarcerated country because Americans are not able to communicate why we have more people in prison than Russia, China, and Mexico. Without understanding, we will not influence needed change. We will not resolve our high rate of incarceration. Americans will not know that their ignorance, apathy, and fear gives rise to  the arrogance of those with power to ensure unjust convictions. Without understanding the context of the incarceration epidemic, we will not embrace the possibility to change this unjust system.

The case of Orlando Carter is an example. Carter is serving his 9th year of a 15 year prison sentence for a crime he did not commit. He was convicted of bank fraud. The federal government alleged that Carter had a $4 million loan/debt with PNC Bank. Yet, Carter has proof from the Department of the Treasury that no such loan/debt ever existed. This means that the Department of Justice could NOT have verified a $4 million loan/debt and, therefore, the DOJ could and should not have charged Carter. However, the opposite occurred. Even PNC Bank conceded in writing that the loan/debt does not exist. The questions of why and how Cater was charge, convicted, and imprisoned are relevant. Without the answers, most would summarily conclude that Carter was and is guilty of the crime and that the federal government is truthful and just.

If we do not understand why and how the government is able to unjustly convict an innocent man of a loan/debt that does not exist, we cannot communicate the reason for his unjust incarceration. In a nutshell, the ignorance, apathy, and fear of the people allow the arrogance of government officials to use unlimited resources and power to secure a conviction in court. Officials within the DOJ wanted a victory and did not care for the truth. Consider that institutional arrogance and a high incarceration rate are consequences of an unduly ignorant, apathetic, and fearful people.

The End of Justice explains how and why America is the most incarcerated country in the world. I examine cases and illustrate how to score the outcome of any conviction. This allows the reader to distinguish the possibility that a man is actually innocent and the system unjust. Conclusively, I communicate the failings of the American justice system because I understand how the ten components of the judicial system are used to secure convictions.

Meanwhile, government officials believe that convictions prove their effectiveness and success. However, convictions justify personal advancement within a corrupt enterprise and an arrogant-laden culture. Sadly, the courts, the tool used and abused to imprison an unconscionable number of men and women, are complicit. Courts and judges fail to do right, often deliberately. 

I agreed to promote The End of Justice with the hope of changing the minds and hearts of Americans and influencing the "justice" system for the better. Many people have a nagging sense that something is terribly wrong in America, but they are not able to articulate the cause. This will change when you read The End of Justice. You will understand how and why America is the most imprisoned country on earth. You will understand why Americans are not free.

This Patreon effort will serve the noble aim of effective communication. Regardless of the topic, we will delve into issues and determine the whys and hows and reach sound conclusions and reasonable solutions. For example, when you understand why and how of our prison epidemic persists, you will readily embrace the possibility of securing the exoneration and freedom of those unjustly incarcerated. Candidly, if we understand that the United States Government, through a rogue FBI agent and a less than principled U. S. Attorney, fraudulently ensured Carter's conviction, especially after he rejected a plea bargain with no prison time, we may seek a resolution for him and battle for truth and justice in America. The FBI, DOJ, and agencies at the local, state and federal levels should not exercise power to thwart truth and harm the innocent.

Possibility is a powerful word. In many respects it may be the most hopeful and enduring of concepts. Possibility is what may be. What is possible may only be communicated with and through understanding. If we understand, we may communicate and accomplish what is possible. America should take its rightful place as the freest, most educated, most just, healthiest and more. Such is the power of possibility.

The tiers on Patreon are structured to encourage widespread support. Proceeds will afford the possibility of exposing the truth behind unjust convictions and a myriad of issues that need further exposure. We will advance Orlando Carter's cause and any issue that does not see the cleansing light of day. If America fails to manifest its greatest ideals, it should not be for a lack of understanding and the abject failure to communicate a hope. Let us embrace possibility.

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Every month, an overview of an unjust conviction will be documented in writing and/or with an audio or video file. Americans must become aware of how government officials abuse their power at the expense of innocent Americans. Only with understanding will we communicate what is being accomplished in the name of institutional arrogance. Each patron will receive this overview.

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