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Why do we compare our lives to one another? Has our society become so fractured that the only way to combat our own feelings of inadequacy is to pop on social media to jest at people and their hardships? Has our civilization become so cynical that all we can do when we see someone down on their luck is to think to yourself "Thank God that's not me!". If we raise our children to be warm-hearted and caring individuals, are we setting them up for a lifetime of suffering and confusion? I can't stand idly by anymore and watch our society plummet to the narcissitic 'thing' that it is becoming. Journey with me to explore how we can change our world to what WE want and combat all adversities on the way.
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When we change the lives of 100 patrons, I will create an 'on the street' interviewing video once a week. We will ask those hard truths about life, race, religion and any other taboo or hard to breach subject.
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