Math Lamarre

is creating Acrylic and oil paintings / Digital photography
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About Math Lamarre

  • Painting
Am I Dali? Am I Pollock? Am I that woman who earns millions doing stuff she loves? : No
but I believe that my take on art can be as pertinent as all of these icons. 

I'm a slight synesthetic and quite melancholic young dude whose urges to create are generated by a strong tip of the tongue feeling when I experience synesthesia and melancholy. I can almost see visually how they manifest themselves inside of me but can never quite grasp the entirety of the feeling as it is constantly moving and changing. 

Thus, I embark on a quest to elaborate textures and color palettes in hopes of one day to be able to recreate visually with precision what I experience. And it's alot of fun so that helps!

  • Photo
I also do a great deal of photography as a meditative venture. I prefer walking around and spotting stuff rather than organizing it in a studio. It's a more soothing, contemplative experience and it helps me find color arrangements and textures that I wouldn't think of by myself!

I'm also a huge fan of Lightpainting and tend to create it without controlled sources of light. Again, walking around and adapting to my environment.

  • Patreon
The reason for my presence here is to inquire a bit of your support, in the form of capital, to help me create even more by gradually lifting the weights of rent and mishappenings. Any contribution helps and rewards, as humble as they might be at first, are to be given to those willing to embark on this journey with me!

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When I reach 5 patreons I'll make a painting of the most requested subject by you guys and gals and I'll send you a short video of my best skateboard tricks!
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