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I am an ex-Muslim. I was born in a Muslim family in India. I initially came to know about the truth of Islam when visiting Ali Sina's webisite and first started questing about my faith. Before that, I followed Islam as a religion as most Muslims and researching about my religion hit me when I first become interested to know more about the religion. I prayed Namaz, kept Roja and read books about Hadith and tried to follow Islam as much as possible. Only after visiting Ali Sina's site and witnessing for the first time in my life about counter arguments about my religion forced me to question my religion. Ultimately, after a long internal struggle with doubt, denial, anger, bargaining and depression I came out of Islam and accepted the truth.

I threw the baby with the bath water. I became an Atheist.

However, as my mind was open I studied other religions in an objective way. I read about famous people. Jesus Christ strucked me the most. Buddha never spoke about God. In Hinduism, I found the idea of God is self-made. Islam used the cocept of God and formed a religion mainly as a policital tool to control people and gain weath. Christianity, as a religion has some good and bad.

But Jesus Christ stands alone. He never preached any religion. He did not say he found any way. He claimed himselg to be the way. He asked only to follow him. It is not possible to accept Jesus's teachings without accepting his claims about himself. He is either a liar, lunatic or that which he claimed.

Now, I have devoted my life to preach the Gospel to the Muslims. Specially to people who are mostly from my culture. Indian culture. Most Muslims do not know Jesus Christ. Islam has a false Christ. It is really hard to preach the true Gospel to the Muslims. I understand because I was one. Muslims will say that they accept Jesus as a prophet but he is not God and will stop there. They will not want to listen more. This is because a false Jesus Christ is built-in in Islam. Muslims are taught from childhood about a false Jesus Christ and wrong conceptions about Christians. Many Christians who do not have an Islamic background or do not understand Islam will not get it. This is an area I saw I am effective. I utilise my Islamic background as a tool to understand the Muslim mindset and can break the wrong knowledge about the false Messiah.

My target is to preach the Gospel to the Muslims and ex-Muslims. I do not think Atheism is a solution. Atheism cannot ensure objective morality and I do not think anyone can live a life of an honest Atheist. 

Initially, I have started work in creating a YouTube channel and commenting on YouTube videos specially from India and Bangladesh related to Islam and new atheism. 
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