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Hi.  My name's Kyle. 


- Am an NZ-born independent filmmaker, currently based in Brisbane, Australia

- Fell hard for cinema at age 7

- Cursed myself with an unshakable desire to translate visions to screen after seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey way too young at age 10 (nice going, Stan)

- Directed my first crappy, nihilistic feature-length film at age 15

- Failed dismally at cracking into the industry (thank god)

- Independently wr/dir/pr'd several 16mm films

- Have watched thousands of films, studied and obsessed over horror movies, Eastern European and Slow Cinema, Leigh and Cassavetes, Herzog and Lynch etc etc etc

- In 2018 launched a not-for-profit with some mates and, having shared 20 years talking ourselves silly about films, we're now using our hard earned experience and cash to start making some low budget digital and 16mm stuff, with a view to getting funding for bigger, future projects.

- Am using to put all our ideas in one place online and start reaching out to interesting creatives to find collaborators (actors and technicians) so we can start working on some small projects to build a portfolio.
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