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I make YouTube Toy Review and Video Game Collector's Edition videos. I'm looking to expand what I can get into Australia that doesn't come into Australia all the time as Australia gets bypassed on what is coming out.

I want to do YouTube Video's full time so that I can set up rewards for Patreon followers. You'll get your name posted in the video description on YouTube as a thank you message for donating and to bring new videos in for you the viewer to enjoy more off. I also have a love of being able to go into details on Video Game Collector's Statue from Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed and Farcry.

So come on in and view the video's I make maybe you might find something you like to see more off in my video's and hopefully with enough people coming in, I might be able to go to the Toy Fair or E3 next year to get some footage and news to talk about what's coming out in Toy Lines and meet up with Pixel Dan to get an interview with him for you all to see. Who knows I might be able to do a round table of Toy Collector's podcast for you all to enjoy and I would love to meet Mr S from CSToys International

(Intro video is in the works for my Patreon Page will update when it's ready)

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